KFC Abbottabad Pakistan

KFC Abbottabad Menu & Locations Pakistan (Updated 2024)

Welcome to KFC Abbottabad Menu, Pakistan. At KFC, you can enjoy yummy chicken dishes in this city. They have tasty food like chicken burgers and crispy wings. KFC has many places around Abbottabad, so you can always find one nearby when hungry.

What’s on KFC Abbottabad menu, and how much does it cost?

If you want to see what the KFC menu at Abbottabad has, visit our website. There, you can see all their yummy dishes and how much they cost. Whether you want a bucket of chicken or a yummy wrap, you can find it on their menu website with deals and calories. So, before you go, peek at the website to decide what to eat.

KFC Abbottabad Locations

KFC is in some cool spots around Abbottabad that many people like visiting. You’ll find KFC serving up their tasty food in places like Shimla Hill Park and Abbottabad Bazaar. These places aren’t just good for food but also really pretty. So next time you’re hungry and out exploring, stop by KFC for a tasty meal in a neat spot.

KFC Abbottabad

KFC Abbottabad

Address: Opposite Burn hall College Mansehra road Mandian Abbottabad.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (05:00 PM – 04:00 AM)

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