KFC Sialkot Pakistan

KFC Sialkot Menu & Locations Pakistan (Updated 2024)

KFC Sialkot Menu has yummy food that people love. They have tasty dishes like KFC fries and wings. You can find KFC in many places around Sialkot, where many people go. It’s a fun way to try yummy food while exploring the city.

What’s on KFC Menu Sialkot, and how much does it cost?

You can see all the tasty food KFC has on their website. They have things like KFC buckets and burgers. You can also see how much everything costs. It’s a good way to decide what you want before you go to KFC in Sialkot.

KFC Sialkot Location

KFC in Sialkot is a cool place that many people like to visit. You can eat yummy food while seeing nice things in the city. There are old buildings and busy markets to explore. Visiting KFC in Sialkot is a tasty way to enjoy the city’s beauty.

KFC Sialkot

KFC Sialkot

Address: Noul mor, Dheenglay Wazirabad Rd, Harrar, Sialkot, Punjab

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (12:00 PM – 02:00 AM)

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