KFC Mardan Pakistan

KFC Mardan Menu & Locations Pakistan (Updated 2024)

You can find yummy KFC dishes at KFC Mardan Menu in Pakistan. It’s in Mardan, a busy city with many incredible places to see. KFC is near these fun spots.

What’s on KFC Menu Mardan, and how much does it cost?

Check out the KFC menu online. You can see all the tasty food offered and how much it costs. They have lots of options like KFC deals, chicken, burgers, and drinks. You’ll find something you love.

KFC Mardan Location

When you’re done eating, take a look around Mardan. It’s a neat city with cool things to do. You can visit old ruins or enjoy the pretty views. KFC in Mardan is not just about food; it’s part of the fun of exploring the city.

KFC Mardan

KFC Mardan

Address: Nowshera – Charsadda Road, Mardan, 23200

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (05:00 PM – 04:00 AM)

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