Welcome to KFC Nuggets Menu Pakistan. Come and explore KFC’s Nuggets Menu in Pakistan. They’ve tasty nuggets for you to try. Whether you like spicy Nuggets or plain Nuggets, there’s something delicious waiting for you. 

At KFC, we want everyone to enjoy tasty nuggets without spending too much money. Our prices are affordable; you can find us in many cities across Pakistan. These cities are famous for their yummy food and cool places to visit.

Want to see what’s on KFC Nuggets Menu and how much it costs?

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KFC Nuggets Menu

Plain Nuggets

Plain Nuggets: Indulge in 6 pieces of tender and delicious chicken nuggets

Rs 480

Plain Nuggets

Spicy Nuggets

Spicy Nuggets: Savor the flavor with 6 pieces of mouthwatering chicken spicy nuggets

Rs 530

Spicy Nuggets

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