KFC Sahiwal Pakistan

KFC Sahiwal Menu & Locations Pakistan (Updated 2024)

Are you hungry in Sahiwal, Pakistan? Try KFC Sahiwal Menu. It’s known for tasty food like fried chicken and KFC boxes. You can find it easily in Sahiwal, near busy places and famous landmarks.

What’s on KFC Menu Sahiwal, and how much does it cost?

Want to see what they have? Go to their website. You can check out all the food and prices there. They have lots of yummy stuff like chicken and burgers. You’ll find something you like.

KFC Sahiwal Location

When you’re in Sahiwal, remember to visit KFC. It’s famous for its tasty food and the beautiful city of Sahiwal. Whether you love food or exploring new places, you’ll have a great time at KFC Sahiwal.

KFC Sahiwal

KFC Sahiwal

Address: KFC Sahiwal Multan Bypass near old Daewoo terminal opp Suzuki Motors

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (05:00 PM – 04:00 AM)

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